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Rush is one of the most fun and important times you will have at USD. Greek life at USD can change your life by enhancing your resume, improving your GPA and exploding your social life with sorority theme parties, formals, dances and off-campus retreats. An added bonus? Living in a fraternity is actually less expensive than living in the dorms... and, needless to say, it is way more fun.

There is a reason that people say that if you want to go Greek, you must go TKE. TKE is the largest fraternity in the nation, with TKE chapters on practically every major campus. Famous TKE's include Ronald Reagan and Elvis Presley. Some people call the TKE house at USD the jock house, the pre-law house or the MBA house but the truth is that there isn't really a TKE type. We are looking for men who believe in our mission. We want to help every TKE brother become a serious student who will succeed at USD.

One thing is certain: being a member of this fraternity is something that you can put on a resume. When you have our fraternity membership on your application, your future employer will know that you went above and beyond in college, that you took on leadership roles and that you are a team player. They'll also know that you are a damn cool guy.

Come to our Rush parties and ask not what you can do for the TKE house but what the TKE house can do for you.  See the schedule of our Rush events on this page or call Gavin Pochop at 830-1822 with your Rush questions.

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